Wednesday, June 15, 2005

6-Month Checkup

Abby had her well-baby checkup today. She is now 17lbs. 13 oz. and 28.25 inches long. She's in the 77th percentile for weight and 99th for height!

Her doctor was impressed at how well she's developing too. At every visit, they give me a questionnaire to answer with "yes" or "no." I'm supposed to stop answering questions once I've answered 3 of them with a "no." This questionnaire is for 0-9 month-olds. Abby only had 1 no out of the whole thing: she is still not the least bit interested in her toys once she drops them. She doesn't follow them or look for them yet.

One question I knew was going to be on there was whether or not she can pick up an object the size of a raisin by "raking" her fingers over it. I've been testing her with Cheerios the last couple of weeks, but she had no interest in them whatsoever. This morning, the only other thing I could find that small were M&Ms. She scooped them right up! That's my kid. She could care less about the healthy stuff, but give her candy and she's all over it. I did NOT let her eat the M&Ms, and I watched her like a hawk the whole time to make sure she didn't try. She even tried to use just her thumb and index finger ("pincer grip"), and was successful a couple of times!

When Abby's doctor was checking her mouth, she thought she saw the beginnings of a tooth, but she couldn't feel it, so who knows. She did give me a flouride prescription to get her started on since she'll have teeth before we know it. Also, her doctor was very impressed at how well she stood while being supported. She is very steady, and stands with her feet flat.

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