Thursday, July 14, 2005

Why can't baby clothes manufacturers' agree on sizes? Abby has a ton of 6-9/6-12 month clothes, and about half of them fit really well right now or already a little too snug, and the other half is way too big. Sleepers and pajamas, especially, seem to be on the small side. Every one of Abby's one piece button-up sleepers are snug. I love Old Navy's baby clothes, particularly their jammies. They have super cute stuff that's not necessarily pink or blue at good prices. The problem is that they run so small. Abby's 6-12 month jammies ride up on the legs and sleeves. Yesterday, I went back and bought her a couple sets of 12-18 month ones, and they fit well. A little big still, but not outrageously so. See?

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Rachael said...

I find that Gavin grows out of his Jammies first. He wears some 18-24 months Jammies. I think it is because they make them tight fitting so they don't strangle them or catch fire.
Byt the way I love a baby in stripes. Abby looks darling!