Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Celebrations in Atlantic (Updated)

On Saturday, we headed south to see my family in Atlantic. We celebrated Christmas & Abby's birthday. Abby had a great time being passed around, which was a surprise because until then she'd been pretty clingy this trip.

Update: I've added a few more pictures. Thanks for emailing them to me Ed and Susie!

Susie bought Abby her very own cake, but she wanted nothing to do with it. She didn't like the stickiness of the icing, and we never thought to cut it up for her to let her at the actual cake. Oops!

After daintly touching the cake, she'd rub her fingers on her legs in disgust trying to get the frosting off.

I ended up covered in frosting because she climbed all over me when she got tired of the cake.


Maureen said...

I love the picture of Abby wiping the frosting off on her legs! That is so cute! Also, what a cute little plaid dress in the other set of pictures. She has such an expressive little face, such a cutie!

brogansmomma/pleutim said...

Look at you! You're so cute!! And Abby is adorable as always.

Susie said...

Damon, Brandi & Abby
It was so wonderful seeing you guys. Abby is such a doll baby...I didnt want to let her go! You guys have done such a wonderful job, and are Great Parents!!! Im very proud of you make an Awesome Mommy!
I just sent dad to get the Camera so we can download the pics. I will send them thru email to you. Which email do you want them sent to?? email me and let me know. Have a Very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year....Love you!

Rachael said...

It looks like you guys had a blast!