Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Damon went to the doctor today. They tested him for strep throat and influenza, and he has the flu. The doctor told him that there's no way he should flying tomorrow. He's had a fever of about 102.5 all day, and he's highly contagious for about 5 days. Not only is he to not fly, but he also can't work until Monday. I'm so glad the doctor told him this because he's the type who would try and go to work tomorrow. In fact, when he called in, he told them that he'd try to sneak in late tomorrow or Thursday to check his email and stuff. Both the person he talked to and me on his other ear said, "ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!" There's no way I'm letting him go.

It makes me so angry, though, because when I went to my doctor's office I had to meet with a nurse practitioner because our doctor wasn't there. She literally spent two minutes with me! She asked me what color my mucus was and told me it sounded viral, so there was nothing they could do. Our doctor was very surprised she hadn't swabbed me. Now we just have to hope that what Abby and I had was the flu too. Our doctor thought it was, and Abby only had it really bad for a couple days because she'd gotten a flu shot.


Maureen said...

Oh I hope you and Abby don't get it again!

rita said...

I am sorry that Damon is sick. We have the same thing at our house. Tomorrow both of us will be able to go to work. I would have gone today; but my doctor told me that I had to stay home.

I hope that you and Abby do not get sick. I will call to see how everyone is doing.