Friday, January 5, 2007

Our house is never going to be finished

NO MORE SNOW!!! We are now in the middle of the third snow storm in as many weeks. We were only supposed to get 1-3 inches with this one (to add to the FEET of snow they've gotten in our new neighborhood), but it's only 8:30 and we already have 3 inches on the ground. This doesn't bode well for our house. I drove by yesterday since we had a playgroup in the mall near there, and they were finally starting to frame. They were supposed to have started framing 3 weeks ago, but the weather slowed everything down. I didn't take any pictures because I didn't trust the dirt road that leads me to my house (they weren't able to pave the streets before the weather turned bad). We'll be lucky if we're in our house by next Christmas!

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Mrs. Flinger said...

Oh, man, and I thought the weather was freakish here. It's been similar with all the bad weather. I agree, no more snow.

I'll start no-snow dancing for us both.