Sunday, April 29, 2007

June 21st

Finally! June 21st will be THE DAY. They were supposed to pave the roads this coming week, but they got a foot of snow out there last week so it got pushed back. We're having the most perfect weather this weekend, it's hard to believe we had a big snowstorm just a few days ago. The electricity won't get turned on by the city until May 30, so they need a couple weeks after that to do final inspections. We'll do our final walk-through on June 14 and close on the 21st. This is actually perfect timing for us; we were hoping to move in that week if it was going to have to be June. The Yankees are in Denver that week, so that'll entice John to come out and help us! They'll be able to go to a couple games before the work begins. It's been so long since we saw most of our furniture I don't remember what anything looks like anymore. Abby will think it's Christmas!

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Hillary said...

So exciting!!! :D