Tuesday, March 18, 2008

17 Weeks

I had a prenatal appointment yesterday. Everything looked good; babies' heartbeats were well within the normal range. I, on the other hand, had a really bad day that I'll go into more detail about later.

My doctor again measured my uterus and this time I measured at 25 weeks! I can't remember if I explained before, but basically that means that my uterus is currently 25 cm from pelvic bone to the top. In a woman who's pregnant with one baby, the number of cm should more or less correspond with the number of weeks pregnant she is, so I already look like I'm 25 weeks pregnant! Yeah. Obviously, that's not the case when carrying twins. What's really crazy about this is that at my last visit 4 weeks ago, I measured 15 weeks. In 4 weeks, my uterus almost doubled in size! I can't believe I grew a full 10 cm in 4 weeks. And only gained 3 pounds. No wonder I've been so sick!

The best thing about my appointment was that I found out that I'll now be going to a perinatologist for an ultrasound every 4 weeks in addition to seeing my ob regularly. Yay! A perinatologist is essentially a high risk ob, so they have better equipment than my regular ob. They should be calling me in the next day or so to schedule my first appointment. My ob wants me to see them as soon as they're available since it's been 4 weeks since my last ultrasound. He also said that they should be able to tell us what we're having at that first appointment, if the babies cooperate!

Thanks to my really awful day yesterday, I have to go back to my ob's office for an ultrasound to measure the length of my cervix. I'm fine now, but yesterday was a scary day. The babies are definitely doing really well too, so there's nothing for everyone to worry about.

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