Monday, September 8, 2008

The girls had their one month checkup today. They are growing like crazy! Cora was 7lbs. 10.5oz. (5.5lbs. at birth) and 21 inches long (19 in. at birth). Emma was 7lbs. 6.5oz. (5lbs. 1oz. at birth) and 20 in. long (18.5in. at birth). Cora's around the 10th percentile for weight and 25th for length. Emma's around the 10th for both. We couldn't believe they've each put on more than 2lbs. in a month! No wonder their preemie clothes no longer fit.

We also talked about their colic. Their pediatrician gave us formula samples to try when we supplement. Hopefully that'll bring some relief! Everything else she suggested, we've already tried (walking, swaddling, gas drops...). I was thrilled she didn't scold us for letting Cora sleep 6-7 hours a night. I was so worried she was going to tell me Cora needed to wake up more often to eat. If only Emma would sleep so well too!

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tali said...

I saw this in a magazine we get... maybe it would help with the colic?