Saturday, August 8, 2009

One Year

I had every intention of writing at least this one on time, but it’s been a long week. The day before the twins’ birthday, all three kids woke up sick! Yesterday, Damon came home from work early because he’s sick too. I’m the last man standing! So far.

Twins' First Birthday Party

I can’t believe my last babies are no longer babies anymore. I almost cried when I noticed the Babycenter email said “My Toddler This Week.” As sad as it is, I am looking forward to this year. The second year is my favorite because they are little sponges. Everything is so new and exciting!

Twins' First Birthday Party

They had their one-year checkup on Thursday and both babies are doing great! Cora is 21lbs. 14oz. and 31.25 inches tall. Emma is 22lbs. 9oz. and 30 inches tall. So Emma’s still a little shorter and heavier, but not by much! She definitely feels more solid than Cora.

Twins' First Birthday Party

Neither girl is walking yet, but it won’t be long. Both girls can stand unsupported for minutes at a time, but Cora stands longer. She drops down carefully when she no longer wants to stand while Emma still falls on her tush. Cora also loves push toys right now. I remember when Abby first started using those, she couldn’t control her speed, so she’d fly across the room. Cora has already mastered it and can walk with it at her own pace. Emma would still rather play with the doodads in front of it instead of push it.

Twins' First Birthday Party

The twins are now completely off formula and bottles! The last of the formula was consumed the day before their birthday, and they’ve been fine with that. It was a slower transition than with Abby because they weren’t all that fond of milk at first. I think they didn’t like the cold rather than the taste. When we started mixing it with formula, thus making their bottles cold, they didn’t mind it.

Twins' First Birthday Party

They still eat pretty much anything, but Emma is much pickier than Cora. Cora has a hollow leg. She can eat as much as Abby sometimes! Emma’s least favorite is bananas, but she also only tolerates blueberries sometimes.

Twins' First Birthday Party

They both love to copy us now. When Cora stands on her own (she does it much more often than Emma), we all clap and say “yay!” Emma joins in cheers her on as well! It’s the cutest thing. Cora loves the attention, so she stands constantly just so she can get praised. And she claps for herself when she’s up too! She also still loves to play peekaboo. Emma puts her head to her shoulder when she wants to be cute. She also likes to shake her head no. It’s fun to get them to do these things by doing it first and having them imitate us. When they’re done eating, I always say “all done!” with my hands palms up. Yesterday, Cora copied me and said “a da!” Her first sentence!

Twins' First Birthday Party

Both girls are in a “MINE” stage right now. Whenever one has a toy, the other has to have it and tries to take it away. It doesn’t matter if she has her own toy, or if it’s the same toy. Cora is definitely the biggest culprit. Yesterday, she had a toy in each hand, but dropped on just so she could take Emma’s. When I gave Emma the toy Cora dropped, she did it again! Emma doesn’t let her get away with it either! This is the cause for most of the screams right now.

Twins' First Birthday Party

I can’t wait to watch them learn so many new things this year! Before we know it, they’ll be walking and talking constantly. It’ll be fun to watch them chase Abby around. They love their big sister so much! Nobody makes them laugh the way Abby can.

Twins' First Birthday Party


4 Little Men and Girly Twins said...

how did one year go by so fast! my oh my!

they sure are adorable!!!


libbie said...

it looks like they're feelin better.
Happy Birthday Baby girls.

Brandi said...

Thank you! This year definitely went by way too fast. Libbie, I took these pictures at their birthday party last Saturday. A few days before the plague hit our house!

The Kellys said...

Such beautiful girls! A very happy (and very late) birthday!

Heather said...

Gorgeous pictures and babies (or should I say toddlers) as always. Happy belated birthday to them!

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE the first shot! NICE! :)

Chrissy said...

Oh my gosh! They are just adorable! You take great pictures. I just found you through the one you took and posted on twitter.

Priscila said...

oh my gosh they are both sooooooo cute!!!!!! How can you stand it? hehe
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Rayne of Terror said...

Isn't that the truth? No one can make my four month old son laugh as hard as his big brother. What good photos you took too!

PS I came here from Mom 101.

happygal said...

These are absolutely spectacular photos! I just loved looking at them (and the rest of the blog!)