Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I'm grounding Abby until she quits growing. Every day it seems she discovers something new, and I just can't keep up with all the changes. She rolls over from back to front with ease now, and she gets her arm out from under her so she's flat on her tummy. She also has no difficulty rolling back onto her back once she's on her tummy. But wait, there's more! Now that she's mastered rolling over both ways, she is starting to bring her knees in and push her tushie up in the air for a second or two. Next thing I know she's going to be on all fours, then all hell will break loose because SHE WILL START CRAWLING! She already wriggles around so much on her tummy that she ends up scooting backward. It's time to start childproofing the house.

She also figured out what to do with all that drool she makes. She's constantly blowing raspberries now. So cute! All day long I hear "bbllllllzzzzzzzz." It's so funny when she does it while upset. It's hard to take someone seriously when she's playing with her drool. She thinks it's hilarious when I do it back to her.

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