Thursday, May 5, 2005

Odds and Ends

We decided to let Abby “cry it out.” We started last Friday thinking that neither of us would get much sleep, so it was best to start on a weekend night. It has worked really well so far, despite being the toughest thing we’ve had to do as a parent so far. The most she has cried is an hour. From that very first night on, she has only woken up once every night around midnight, with 2 exceptions. Tuesday night she woke up twice in the night, and last night she woke up at about 10:40. Last night, she fell back to sleep at 11pm, and slept until 5:30am! She hasn’t even been really crying in the middle of the night after I put her back down. It may take her 15-20 minutes to settle down, and she sometimes whines a little, but that’s it.

Abby is constantly grabbing at her feet now. The first thing I see when I go to her room in the mornings is 2 feet straight up in the air. A few days ago, she seemed to discover what she’s been grabbing. She’ll grab one foot with both hands and pull it forward enough for her to inspect it, as if it’s the most amazing thing she’s seen. Yesterday, it finally made it into her mouth.

I tried to take a picture of her putting her foot in her mouth, but every time I tried, she’d become distracted by the camera. This was the best I could do.

She’s also getting better at sitting up without being propped up. She can only stay sitting for a few seconds at a time, but it’s progress.

“Look, Ma. I can do this one-handed.”

When we bought her car seat and Exersaucer, we also bought kiddie bowls and spoons, and a couple sippy cups. We experimented with the sippy cup, but she’s not really interested in it yet. She’d only hold onto it if I put it in her mouth, but then she wouldn’t suck, just play with it in her mouth.


Rita Aning said...

Wonderful pictures and information!

Brandi said...

Thanks Rita!

Rachael said...

You are such an awesome photographer. I always love the piuctures you take.
Ohhh I love the phase where they discover their feet! Gavin has always had too fat of a tummy to get his foot in his mouth LOL.
Gavin has started on a sippy cup now. Parent's choice makes a sippy cup that rocks for beginners. The spot and top are soft like a bottle. Gavin seriously just thinks it's his bottle.
How brave are you to let her cry it out? We have never been successful. Gavin has been sleeping really well lately. When he waks up it's easier just to give him a bottle then have him scream for an hour. We get less sleep. I hope you guys have a lot of success with it!
I also want to say that I love her Exersaucer. We bought a little tikes one and gavin has loved it since 3 months. He is slowly getting too big. He roicks in it and almost knocks it over.
Love the carseat too! Don't you?
Sorry this is so long. Abby is gorgeous by the way. Sorry I haven't been commenting much lately.