Saturday, August 27, 2005

Abby really loves to walk. Whenever I'm on the floor with her, she'll crawl into my lap, put her hand out so I have to grab her to support her, pull herself up, turn around so that she's facing forward, and run in place while I hold her hands until I get moving. If I don't start walking her right away, she gets so upset! We do a lot of laps around the furniture in the basement. She loves it. She's still not really cruising along the furniture for more than a couple of steps. She can go all the way around her LeapFrog table, though. For some reason, corners and going from to another is easy, but going in a straight line is difficult.

For the last week or so, Abby has refused to eat jarred solids, even the ones she loved in the past. She'll only eat solids if she can feed herself, but the only thing she'll eat a significant amount of are her veggie puffs and Cheerios. I've tried cutting up different fruits into bite-size pieces for her, but she'll only eat a small amount. She does like them though. I wasn't expecting her to become so independent, food-wise, so early.


Maureen said...

I spend half of my day bent over walking Connor the same way and the other half hiding my hands so he doesn't find them and turn himself around to walk. I can't believe Abby is so close to walking already. She is so cute!

You may have already tried this, but Connor loves to eat peas and carrots. I buy them frozen and just heat them up. Abby might like it b/c she could feed herself. Good luck!

Brandi said...

Thaks for the tip Maureen.

Brandi said...

I'd love it! Thanks Rachael.