Friday, November 18, 2005

11 Months

November already? Where has this year gone?! I’m having a hard time believing Thanksgiving is next week already. My baby’s going to be a year old next month. We tried to weigh Abby last night, but she’s so squirmy now that it was difficult to get a good weight. She seems to be about 22lbs. now. We didn’t even try to measure her since she won’t sit still. Whenever we carry her, she twists her body and lunges forward. It worries me since she’s so heavy when she gets squirmy, it’s difficult to hold on to her. She is always on the move and now she doesn’t even want to stop long enough to be carried.

She also learned a new skill yesterday. She can now climb onto the coffee table without using anything to step on. She’s been trying since we moved the cushion from the front of the coffee table, but she would just get frustrated. Yesterday, it finally clicked for her. She grabbed the other end of the table (the side that’s pressed against the couch), and used her upper body to pull herself up. She’s become a pro at it now. I was trying to take pictures of her getting up there last night, but every time I had the camera ready she was already up on the table.

She’s also gotten pretty good with the sippy cup, as long she’s reclined. She struggles to tip the cup back enough to get a drink when she’s sitting upright. Even reclined, she still only takes a couple of drinks at a time before moving on to something else. We’re not ready to switch completely from bottle to cup, but we’re working on it.

She’s not walking any more than 4-5 steps at a time yet, but she works on it all the time. She can stand for a long time now before squatting down to crawl. She’s constantly walking along the furniture, and she can easily let go and take the couple of steps from piece to another. She loves pushing her little walker toy around. She can walk easily with its help. She also likes to push her high chair around the kitchen.


Grandma Rita said...

I feel sorry for you and Damon. Damon was a climber. He would fall and get right up and try again. At 1 year he would get up on a kitchen chair and climb to the kitchen table as well as on top of the console stereo. He always had bumps and bruises. When he started climbing, we learned that trying to keep him safe was a full time job.

Jake and I relly do enjoy her, "What did I do" look. It is so cute!

Paula is so excited about Abby visiting.

Brandi said...

We're constantly finding little bruises on Abby's shins and knees already. The coffee table's the highest thing she's tried to climb so far. I'm sure she'll move on to taller things soon. Scary!

That's not really a "what did I do" look. See how she's dangling in the 4th picture? She got stuck. The third picture was after I helped her back up. It was more an "it's about time you put the camera down and helped me!" look.

We can't wait to show Abby off too! We just hope she flies as wel as she did last time.

Rachael said...

She is going to be a daredevil! Happy 11 months to here by the way. I know I am so late but I am wayyyy behind on blogging :).
I love that TP picture of her too. It's so hillarious!