Wednesday, June 21, 2006

18 Months

Abby is now and even 25lbs. and is 34.25" long. She's in the 75th percentile for weight, and she's still off the charts for height. She's also off the charts for head circumference! The doctor wasn't too concerned about it, though, since she's so tall.

Last night, I jotted down all the words Abby knows to get ready for her appointment today. She's up to 19! The paperwork they gave me today said that most babies know about 10-12 words at her age. And to think I was worried about her speech a month ago. Her doctor was also impressed at how well she babbled and talked with her hands. She's very expressive. Here's her list of words:

1. Hi
2. Bye-Bye (Da Da)
3. Vacuum (tacn)
4. Window (neno)
5. Light (Li)
6. Grandma (nena)
7. Daddy/Mama (Da)
8. Feet (tee)
9. Cheese (shesh)
10. Teeth (tee)
11. Keys (zzzzzzss) it’s always followed by car
12. Car (Ca)
13. Nose (Na)
14. Elmo (Lalala)
15. Thank You (tatu)
16. Shoes (shees)
17. Dog
18. Duck
19. Uh-Oh

Notice the word that's missing from that list? MAMA!!! She still calls me Da.


Hillary said...

Aaaw! Poor mommy! She loves you, don't worry. And just think, you can guilt trip her with that later in life! ;) *grin*

Brandi said...

That's a good point Hilary. She'll definitely be hearing about how she said VACUUM before Mama later on in life! As clingy as she's been lately, there's no doubt that she loves me, but it would be nice to finally hear her say Mama.

WannaBe5Ker said...

Love this chronicle of your little one! She's 6 mos older than my younger ds, I will enjoy coming by here to see what I have to look forward to:) Brilliant to record these 1st words, it goes by so fast!

Thanks also for always coming by my c25k blog, it's nice to have support in this craziness!!

Rachael said...

Wow, she is doing awesome with her speech. When I filled out Gavin's for his 18 month appointment he had a load of words too. Now? Not so many LOL.
Gav is the oppisite. He calls John Mom-mom LOL.