Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Abby's Sick Again

It started with a runny nose yesterday morning, and she's gotten worse since. It's not bad enough to take her to the doctor, but we feel awful because she looks miserable at times. For the most part, she's not letting it slow her down. Occasionally, though, she looks absolutely miserable. Her poor nose is red and raw from the constant blowing. She woke up from her second nap this afternoon with maybe a headache. She woke up crying, which isn't all that unusual from a nap, but she kept squinting her eyes shut and rubbing them for a little while after she was up. Like the light was hurting her. She bawled the entire time I changed her diaper because her head hurt. After a few minutes she was better and back to running around like crazy. It hasn't slowed her down too much.

I even had to put her in time out today. I felt like the worst parent in the world putting my sick child in time out. We've only had to resort to time out a few times, but it's worked every time. She recently discovered that she can fit behind the tv and play with the cords and stuff back there. It usually just takes one or two warnings before she moves on to something else. Today, though, she kept going back there, so I got down to her level and told her she wasn't allowed back there, and if she did it again she'd be going into time out. She went right back there, so I had to follow through. It was horrible! But she never went back there again today.


Maureen said...

Aww, poor Abby! I have been sick with the same type of thing myself, and I can't tolerate the light. It makes my eyes water and makes me sneeze. They are always so pitiful when they are sick. I'm just praying Connor doesn't get the same thing.

Rachael said...

Oh! I hope Abby is feeling better by now. Its just so sad when they get sick.
Oh man she and Gav would totally be partners in crime. Gav is always unplugging the TV and landing in time out for it. And don't feel bad putting her in there when she is sick. We've done the same thing.