Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Abby turned 4 two weeks ago, on the 18th. We had a very small party on the 11th with just a handful of her friends. I made tacos and a couple sides, and bought cupcakes. I don't think I could've handled more than that this year. On her actual birthday, we took her to Red Robin since she'd been asking to go for weeks.

She cracks me up with turning four. She's constantly using "but I'm 4 now!" as an excuse to do stuff, or when I let her do something she normally wouldn't it's "because she's 4." She also keeps talking about how much more grown up she is now, and how much bigger she's gotten!

Last week was her 4-year checkup. She's 42lbs. and 42.25 inches tall. She's in the 90th percentile for each, so she's still big for her age. Everything went well except her vision test, so they referred us to an eye doctor. We went today and sure enough, she needs glasses. She has 20/40 vision and a mild astigmatism in both eyes. The poor thing never had a chance since Damon and I are both completely blind and I had astigmatism in both eyes. Damon had lasik a bunch of years ago, but I still can't see past my nose without my glasses or contacts. She was so excited to choose them herself, so hopefully she'll take care of them. We'll see. I'm hoping since she's old enough to get it, keeping them on her won't be a huge fight. We did go with the titanium flex glasses thanks to Rachael's advice, but I'd love to hear about any tricks you used to keep glasses on your kids or keep them from losing/breaking them. We'll get them in about a week, so pictures will definitely be forthcoming!

Abby's first school picture. She loves school! At her parent-teacher conference a couple months ago, her teacher had nothing but good things to say.
Abby's first school picture

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Bridgette said...

I can't believe how big she is!! Just beautiful! Can't wait to see pics of her new glasses!