Friday, December 19, 2008

Too Long for Twitter

Abby turned 4 yesterday (more on that later when I have time for a proper post), and a friend of ours gave her this huge sticker set. Among them were some itty-bitty nail stickers. We had this conversation just now as I'm making her lunch:

Abby: I'm going to go upstairs to use the tweezers to get the stickers off (the plastic thing they're on) because I can't do it with my fingers.

Me: No, the tweezers are not toys, blah, blah, blah.

Abby: But, Mom! I'm FOUR YEARS OLD!

I wish I had my camera handy because the look she gave me was priceless!


rachael said...

happy birthday abby!

that is such a cute story, isn't it crazy how grown up they can seem sometimes?!?!

Layman Family said...

Too funny! Ethan is also very quick to remind me that he is 4 now and he is a big boy :-)

Laura said...

Oh yeah, that is so something that Riley would say! Cute!