Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Question for those with multiples

When the babies go for their 6 month checkup next week, they will surely have outgrown their infant carriers. Abby outgrew hers at 4 months, so she was nowhere near sitting up unsupported in grocery carts. I solved my problem by buying a Buggy Bagg (HIGHLY recommend them if you have a singleton!), which was great because it was well-padded and came with a detachable pillow. That pillow was what sold me on the Buggy Bagg and was perfect for helping her sit up in the carts.

Now, we're in a similar situation with the babies. They are very close to sitting up unsupported, but they're not quite there yet. Since I won't have the infant carriers to load up one cart at Target any more, I have 3 options.

1. Use the Buggy Bagg in a single cart for one baby & sling the other while Abby walks next to me. The only problem is that we don't use the sling very often, so they're not used to it. Until they're comfortable in it, we'll have to keep these trips short.

2. Push the babies in the double stroller while pull a cart. Not only has it been a big pain when I have to shop by myself and have to use 2 grocery carts, but taking the stroller would limit space in the minivan. We've had to get creative when we forget to take the stroller out before going to the grocery store.

3. Do the bulk of my shopping at the grocery store with the race car up front and room for the babies in the back. Since they're not quite sitting unsupported yet, they'll need some padding to help them. I was hoping Buggy Bagg would make a double cart cover thing with pillows, but no such luck. I have found several cute ones that say they can be used in the big double carts, but they don't come with pillows so they don't really help me. Plus, they only have 2 leg holes, so each baby sits inside one leg hole and has no fabric or padding between their legs. This isn't a dealbreaker for me, but I haven't found one that comes with a pillow. Honestly, I do love some of the patterns I've found, particularly the Itzy Ritzy ones, but how would I support them into a sitting position? Is it padded enough to help? The Buggy Bagg wasn't. They are very close to sitting on their own, so it would really only be for 2 or 3 weeks, tops.

I'd love to hear any suggestions or experiences you may have with grocery cart covers. Thanks!


Missy said...

This is what I did - my girls were premature so infant carriers were still an option for me but I found they were quite bulky while shopping. I had a Bjorn carrier for one and then would keep one in the carrier in the buggie. But I am guessing the Buggie Bag would work too. Having twins is all about being creative when doing different things - kind of puzzling at times!!! Now, my girls either ride in the biggest part of the buggie or they walk (I try pushing the buggie and holding hands ) you should see us! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Hey Brandi!!! You could sew padded straps from top to bottom of the leg holes so there's a separation in each & the added security. And, you could make a couple pillows in a coordinating solid color. If you feel uncomfortable with this, maybe Laura could help.


Brandi said...

Missy, how difficult was it to reach down to get things while shopping with a baby in the Bjorn?

4 Little Men and Girly Twins said...

oh man, I don't know! How much do they weigh... our infant seats go to 22lbs. and our girls are only 17ish right now. I wish they made a double baby backpack! Ha!

sorry i'm not more help!


Brandi said...

Brittany, the weight limit isn't the issue. It's the height limit (26 inches). Damon's 6'5" so we make long babies! At their 4-month checkup, Cora was 25 inches long, so I'm sure they're both going to be over the limit next week. Both of their feet are at the edge of the carseat (and they kick me when sitting next to me in a booth when we go out to eat!).

Abby was 26.75" at 4 months, which was a huge challenge since she wasn't sitting up at all yet. At least the babies can sit for a minute or two unsupported before tipping, so they're very close!

Tamara said...

I understand your pain. I have purchased about 10 strollers (I know, I am crazy) to try to solve these very problems. I have had limited success. We do, however have a double shopping cart cover that has straps that keep the babies upright. Its called the Twins Clean Shopper and its at Amazon. Howwever, I have found that the easiest way to do Target with my twin girls is using my tandem double jogger called the Jane PowerTwin. It turns on a dime using just a hand. I guide the stroller with one hand in front and then pull the shopping cart with the other hand from behind. I guess its not ideal, but it works.

Anyway, luck to you. Tell us how it turns out.

Samantha said...

Hi there, no multiples here yet (twins on the way) but my toddler outgrew her infant seat early and I never found a padded cart cover that I likes, do I used a sling at the grocery store and it worked great. You have to be careful that it is secure, and occasionally when you have to bend awkwardly you need to use one hand for support, but it's definitely do-able.