Thursday, March 5, 2009

7 Months

Picture-heavy to distract you! Today was a big day for the babies. Cora finally decided to sit for minutes at a time, and Emma rolled halfway across the room! Usually, it's the other way around: Cora's typically army crawling every where, and Emma's content to sit. I'll be back with a proper 7-month update (if I remember), but here are some of my favorite recent pictures in case you don't see the pictures I've uploaded to flickr (check the badge in the left sidebar periodically).

Cora Sitting. I got the shirt at The Children's Place outlet for $1 last summer. I would've like to get it for Abby, but they only had one in the babies' future size. It cracks me up to see Cora in it! It doesn't take much to make me laugh apparently. It's hard to see the whole shirt, but it says "I heart being a BIG sister."
Cora's finally sitting!

Emma sitting

What they usually look like
Cora & Emma

Emma in the cart cover

Why we call her Cheeks! They're so smoochable

Cora's gotten much better moving around since
Cora trying to crawl

Can't leave the biggest sister out. I love this one. Abby's clearly enjoying herself so much!
Denver Children's Museum


Rachael said...

That shirt is so funny! I love all the pictures of the girls. You're really talented with that camera. All three of your girls are just so darn cute!

Rachael said...

the pictures are adorable! the one of emma + cora together and the last one of abigail twirling the ribbon...oh, i just love them all!

Butterfly Kisses said...

OMGoodness!! They are so adorable. Such beautiful little babies and a pretty little girl. :-)

The Shepherd Family said...

Jillian has that big sister shirt:) and funny enough, I bought it when preggo with Emma and got her the "lil sister" one, but to this day have yet to locate it:)

the girls are absolutely adorable!!!

Brandi said...

Thanks everyone! Paige, I didn't know there was a little sister shirt too. They had a ton of the big sister ones in Castle Rock, but no little sister.

4 Little Men and Girly Twins said...

they are so cute! happy 7 months... it's going to 1 year before we know it! crazy!


Tonya said...

They are so cute!

Kellie said...

You take really great photos, just adorable!

dina said...

What awesome photos!!

Laura said...

Brandi, your girls are so cute! I can't believe how big they are getting!!