Saturday, March 28, 2009

How I've Missed You, Sleep

I'm so tempting the sleep gods by posting this, but I had to make of record of this. I put the babies to bed at 6:30 last night, Emma woke at 11, then they both slept until 6. We fed them and put them back down hoping they'd go back to sleep, but not really expecting to. They slept until EIGHT!

Emma's been sleeping better now. She typically wakes twice a night around 12 and 5, but Cora has been waking around 6:15, so that 5am wake-up has been tough on both of us since I get her up too. I can let her sleep an extra half hour without it messing up our schedule, but they'll be up at different times throughout the day if I let her go longer than that. Some nights, she'll wake around 2 instead then they both wake at the same time in the morning. I'll take it! It's so much better than the every hour waking she was doing a few weeks ago.


Rachael said...

lovely sleep, yay!

Laura said...

Yay for sleep!!

Tamara said...

I had two 5a.m.-ers also. It was still the same story approaching their first all the wakings during the night. Our pediatrician finally put a stop to it. "Ferber Method", she said to us. We had never heard of it and when we researched it, we were horrified! No way! We weren't going to do that to our sweet baby girls...until both our co-workers started commenting that neither of us looked too well. We tried Ferberization, we hated it and darn if we don't just love the sleep we've gotten since!

Anyway, as you may already know this, sleep when the girls sleep- even if its during the middle of the day and you have a ton of laundry to do.