Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First Cookie

We're really enjoying giving the babies bits of "real" food now. Yesterday, we wentto my favorite Mexican place where they tried rice, beans, and guacamole. All three were big hits! Cora especially like the guacamole! She woke up from their last nap first today, so I brought her down and gave her a teething cookie for the first time.



Heidi said...

Amazing color and such a sweet face.
Having a picky eater is so frustrating, the hardest part for me is him eating something one day then nearly gagging on it the next. Oye, this too shall pass right??

mandnlayman said...

I curse those cookies! They are a mess :-)

Brandi said...

LOL Niki. Yeah, they are a pain to clean up. I made the rookie mistake of giving Abby her first one in our old basement with no bib or anything. Huge mess! This time I knew better.

Missy said...

Such a beautiful picture! I love all the colors - especially her beautiful eyes!!!