Saturday, April 11, 2009

So Behind

Warning! Very picture-heavy post. I keep waiting to upload pictures to flickr until I get time to edit them, but I've gotten a month behind! I ended up just posting all my March pictures straight out of the camera. There are FIVE pages of new pictures, so go see! Some of my favorites:






Both together!

Both babies together


Playing in Cora's Crib

Abby on her bike

Telling a car two streets over to STOP!

Damon's parents came to visit a few weeks ago.
Grandma Rita and Cora

Grandpa Jake and Emma

The girls first time sitting in restaurant high chairs. A month ago.
Emma eating a piece of breadstick

Cora's 1st time in a restaurant high chair


Mike and Jill said...

Great pics! I especially like the one where Cora has her fingers in Emma's mouth-too cute!

HJC said...

I love the one of Cora looking Emma;s mouth!!! SOOO CUTE! Maybe she will be a dentist!

Laura said...

I love the pics! Your girls are so gorgeous!

Jesus saves said...

Boy, you named Cora right, Rae must mean up to no good, like her aunt. I heard Emma is a sweetie who plays and plays, Cora is always looking for trouble.

Heather said...

Wow! These pictures are painfully beautiful. Their eyes just POP! Gorgeous!

Brandi said...

Thanks everyone!

Brandi said...

Awesome pics!

I found you over at TwinHappy and had to pop over here when I saw we share the same first name and oddly enough the same first initial of our last name (if your's starts with a B...or am I just assuming too much!LOL)