Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day, Twin-style

Mother's Day started off wonderfully. When the babies woke at 6-ish, I woke up Damon and told him I was going back to sleep since it was my day. He was great about it and took care of all the kids while I slept in. Bliss! Then he made breakfast (eggs) after naptime!

Later, things got interesting.

We decided to go to Red Robin for a late lunch since it's become somewhat of a Mother's Day tradition for us. Cora was absolutely perfect while we were there. She never made so much as a peep, and was perfectly content eating Veggie Puffs and french fries. Emma was a whole different child altogether! She wasn't grouchy, just really, really loud. No matter what we did, she'd let out a "pay attention" squak every few minutes. She constantly dropped her puffs on the floor, and tried to grab at anything and everything. She definitely kept Damon on his toes! When our food arrived, we tried to bribe her with french fries.

They worked great until the inevitable happened.

She put too much in her mouth, gagged, and threw up all over! It happens often enough we have to watch her closely every time she eats. It's never just a little spit-up either. We're talking projectile vomit all over if we're not quick enough. Thankfully, we saw it happening an instant before it did, so Damon managed to get his napkin under her mouth and caught the worst of it. Her top still managed to get covered in puke, though. I'm glad the family next to us was already done eating! Of course the ONE thing I keep forgetting to put back in my diaper bag is a couple changes of clothes for them! Once she was cleaned up as best as could be, she got really upset because she wanted another fry. No way that was going to happen, so we got our check and left before she went into a full-blown meltdown. At least we managed to eat half our meal before it was time to go!

Once we'd gone a couple blocks from Red Robin, I happened to remember our leftovers. I remember Damon bringing them to the car, but I didn't see them anywhere and couldn't smell them.

He'd left them on top of the van!

We happened to remember about a minute before we saw the box go flying out the back! So much for finishing our lunch when we got home. I felt so bad for the car behind us swerving to miss the take-out box. Then I spilled some of my free Cold Stone ice cream all over my jeans and the seat on the way home. On the bright side, what I did get to eat was really, really good!


Amanda said...

lol awww Brandi!! You should have just left the kids at home and went off by yourself for the day! ;)

Mike and Jill said...

At least you had a Mother's Day to remember!
We had the projectile thing happen a few times while out w/Max. Argh! I was going to be smart and keep an extra bag in our car with changes of clothes, extra diapers, etc. Hasn't happened.
And I'm sorry you lost your left-overs!

mommy2twindaughters said...

Sounds like a Mothers Day you'll never forget! I'm with Jill. I keep a container in our van with diapers, wipes, clothes, sippy cups, etc. Really comes in handy on days like you had!

Brandi said...

I used to do that with Abby once she got old enough that I didn't need to carry a diaper bag anymore. I typically keep the diaper bag well-stocked, but I forgot to put more clothes in when they outgrew the old stuff. Oops!