Wednesday, February 23, 2005

2-Month Checkup

First off, according to the weather girl to the right it's 50 degrees outside. What is she doing in a teeny cropped top and low-rise jeans?! That crazy girl needs to put some more clothes on. Ok, I'm done.

Abby had her 2-month well-baby checkup today. I've had mixed feelings about it because she was set to get her first round of shots today. She handled it pretty well, though. I was worried because she had started to get fussy a few minutes before the nurse came in. She screamed while they gave her the shots (4 of them!), and for a few minutes after, but she calmed down pretty quickly. I think it was harder on me. I've been traumatized all day.

We were excited to find out how much she has grown. She is now 11 lbs. 11 oz. and 24.75 inches long. She is just short of the 50th percentile on both, so she's about average for her age. It was great to hear she's growing well. She had a great time with her doctor. She laid on the table cooing and smiling the whole time--until the end. Then she started to get a little cranky.

Everything else looked really good. We told her how Abby tends to get very fussy in the evenings, and about 45 min-1 hour after she wakes up from naps during the day. She thought that Abby's colicky and reassured us that it usually peaks around this time. At least the nights have gotten easier. She usually wakes up around 10-11 for one last feeding before I fall asleep, then she's up about 3-4 hours later. She eats then goes right back to sleep for another 3 hour stretch. That is, until last night. Last night when she woke up, she would not go back to sleep and she became very fussy. Her doctor thought she probably picked up on my anxiety toward the shots she'd be getting today.

She was talking and playing with the bears on her mobile in her crib while I grabbed an outfit out of her closet.

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Tara said...

So cute! Glad you survived the shots yesterday. The good thing is, is that she really doesn't know what it is so she doesn't tense up and so it hurts less than big people who get all worked up about it. :o) Does that make any sense? it has already been one of those mornings. It sounded good in my head but i'm not sure if it came out right. lol So glad to hear that evey thing is going great!