Monday, February 28, 2005

Monkey off my back

UPDATE: I got an A in my first post-Abby class!!!

Saturday was my last day of class. While I enjoyed my first accounting class, there was a ton of information to learn. I had a final, which covered everything, and an annual report project due Saturday. The annual report project was basically questions at the end of each chapter I was supposed to answer based on an SEC regulated company and a peer. There were 10 chapters, and I was supposed to keep up weekly with this project, but nothing was actually due until the last day of class.

Ummm, I ended up pulling an all-nighter Friday night.

See, a colicky baby doesn't make it easy to keep up with this sort of thing. If it wasn't due that week, it had to wait. It was kind of a good thing, though, because it really helped me study for the final. There were 50 questions on the final. At question 32, Abby went into her nightly fit. I had such a hard time finishing that final. Amazingly, I somehow got a 98%! I only missed one question. I'm still trying to figure that one out.

On top of all of this, our furniture was delivered Saturday too, so that took up most of the afternoon. It looks great! We feel so grown up in our new bedroom. We went from having the mattress and box spring on the floor in our condo to an actual bedroom set that matches. Damon even managed to put the grill and patio furniture together all by himself!

I have a question. Our living room tables have a small drawer on one side. Should this drawer on the coffee table point in toward the couch, or out to the living room?


Tara said...

Out towards the living room....but when abby starts walking you may want to put them in towards the she can't pinch her little fingers in the drawers!!!
congrats on the test!!!! are you taking another class now??

Brandi said...

Hey Tara,

Thanks for the advice! I'll be chugging away one class at a time from here on out. I just started business communication yesterday.

Rita Aning said...

When I opened your webb page to look for new pictures of Abby, I was on the phone with Eileen. We both voted to turn the draw toward the center of the living room. Then, if it pulls out easy, there may be some months that you will want to turn the table around to keep little fingers safe.

Congrats on the great test results. You rock, lady!!!

Grandma would like new pictures of Abby. Please!!!

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