Monday, February 21, 2005

Don't Push Her

The only way we can get Abby to sleep for more than a half hour this week has been to take her out. She and I have been all over the place in the past week. It's good for me because I get to get out of the house, and she's an angel the whole time. I'd heard about a new store that was calling itself the biggest furniture store in Spokane, so Abby and I went to check it out last week. They had some nice things, so the three of us went back yesterday. Come Saturday, we will have a fully furnished house! They had great prices, and 0% financing for 3 years (having great credit definitely pays off--they were ready to give us the store once they ran our application through!), so we bought a formal dining room set, living room tables that match, and a bedroom set for us. Our dining room has become a catch-all since it's been sitting empty for so long. Ed, we did go out and buy a small table for the kitchen eating area last Thanksgiving, so we have been eating at a table. Abby was awesome!

We were at the furniture store for a couple of hours, then we headed to Home Depot next door for patio stuff. While we were there, Abby would wake up and drift off constantly, but she never fussed. When we got back to the car, I fed her and she went back to sleep. We were feeling pretty good about ourselves, so we decided to go out to dinner for the first time. Yeah, that didn't work out so well. She woke right up shortly after we sat down, and got a little crabby. She was ok as long as I was walking around with her, but once I sat down she would get a little fussy. We were grateful that there was no serious screaming and crying meltdown--she waited until we got in the car for that. Our waitress did tell us that she behaved better than 80% of the babies they get in there, but we packed up most of our meal and went home before she became part of that 80%. Before we even got home, she was fast asleep.


Anonymous said...

A tip, from a mom and dad who have raised 6 children,you have the right idea. When you take Abby out, continue to take her to a resteraunt. She will learn to enjoy going out to eat.

Of coaarse Abby's dad was so wild in resteraunts that his Grandpa Russell did not want to go to a resteraunt with him. Damon was about 2 or 3 years old.

Brandi said...

Rita? If you click "other" you can leave your name instead of posting anonymously. Yeah, she would have been fine if we hadn't been out all day already. She does really well when we go out.

Ed Furne/Grandpa said...

Good to hear from you guys. Enjoy her while she is small and can't talk back and give you her comments. Glad to hear you got a kitchen table to eat from. Also she has a new coat coming in the mail. Hope you guys enjoy it. We received the birthday cards yesterday.(thanks) Were doing a taho trip March 2-5, should be fun.
Talk to you latter.

Brandi said...

Oh sure you're going to Tahoe before you come visit me. That's a Harrah's trip, though, isn't it? I understand. I think the coat was supposed to be a surprise. Ileen mentioned a special package coming in the mail in the Valentine's card we got. You never could keep surprises.

Alice said...

Brandi, This is Alice Burton - an experience I had with Andrea my oldest was I would just get used to one phase or schedule then she would change to another - just to keep me on my toes.
I just loved reading your narrative
very discriptive. I look forward to some more. Called Ed today and he emailed this site to my home email - they are getting a bit sticky on unofficial email.
I will be in Boise in late April - will try to get over to see you.
Abby is a real angel!!

Brandi said...

Hey Alice! It's good to hear from you! Abby does the same to me. Just when I think we're getting a good routine down, she decides it doesn't suit her anymore. It makes getting things done pretty tough.