Friday, April 8, 2005

America's Next Top Model

Sorry grandmas, I'm having trouble uploading pictures.

I've been researching convertible car seats for awhile, so we'd be ready when the time came. I couldn't remember whether her current infant car seat is good for 20 or 25lbs., so I looked it up the other day. Either way, she won't hit that milestone for quite awhile, so we have have plenty of time, right? Well, apparently she can use her car seat until she's 20lbs. OR 26 inches tall (long). Umm, it looks like it's time to buy a new car seat! We measured her when she turned 3 months, because we're obsessive like that, and our future supermodel was about 25.67 inches already. 4-month well-baby checkup is in a few weeks, so we'll get the official measurement then, but by then she'll probably well over 26 inches tall.

One thing I've been wondering about, though, is what am I going to do when we go shopping? All I have to do right now is snap the car seat out and snap it on the shopping cart. She can sit up pretty well when she's propped up, but she's certainly not ready to sit in the seat area yet. I know a lot of places have plastic car seats attached to some carts, but what about the places that don't? I'm going to the grocery store when she wakes up and we'll have to make sure they have those seats. I know my beloved Target does, so at least they won't be able to keep me away from there. There's a reason why she's not supposed to outgrow the infant seat until she's older! She needs to quit growing already.


Rachael said...

They say up to 26 inches, but they really can stay in there a little longer. I would really suggest waiting until she can sit up. Either that or bring the infant carrier with you to the store. Gavin, even though he can sit up pretty well, is too small for the seats in carts. So I end up having to bring in 3 blankets to prop him up or he'll complain the entire time. I miss the infant seat so much just for that reason.
The other bad thing is sleeping. Gavin's carseat reclines but not enough for him to be as comfy as he was in his infant seat. Also when he falls asleep in the car we have to pull him out now and wake him up. Where as before we just snapped the seat off the base.
My advice is to hold off as long as you can. Because the infant seat makes going places so much easier. Either that or do what we do now. We keep the infant seat in the car with us too. That way when we go grocery shopping we can snap him into it. In a few months hopefully he'll be bigger.
Okay this post was way too long.

Brandi said...

Keeping the infant seat in the trunk was what her grandma Rita suggested too. I think that's a great idea. Yeah, I'm going to miss being able to snap it in and out, especially when she's asleep. I'm always afraid she's going to wake up if I take her out of the infant seat, so she finishes up her nap in there when we get home. Thanks for the advice!