Friday, April 1, 2005

She's a Big Girl Now

Abby is going to sleep in her crib in her own room for the first time tonight. She has been taking naps in there this week, and it's been going so well, we've put her down for the night in there too now. So far, so good. She fell asleep without too much fuss. We laid her down about 1/2 hour ago, and I've only had to go in there once to soothe her. It's such a strange feeling to have her in there. On the one hand, we were ready for the move, and it will be nice having our bedroom to ourselves again. On the other hand, we're worried because she won't be right there where we can see her and know she's safe throughout the night. Logically, we know she'll be fine, but our emotions get the best of us and we fear the worst. This is such a sad and difficult thing to do. I want to go in there, and tell her to stop growing up so fast already! I am so not looking forward to her first day of school now. I'll probably the one bawling while she runs off and leaves me. I'm sure neither Damon nor I will sleep a wink tonight. This is definitely harder on us than it is on her.

P.S. Hi Mike! It's great hearing from you. My mom updates me every so often on how you're doing.

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Rachael said...

Oh I remember when Gavi nstarted sleeping in his crib. It seemed so far away. Gavin has always slept the best in his crib though. He will take 3 hour long naps. He was never like that in our room.
I hope she gets used to it and loves it!