Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day 5: 3 Months Old

Not even a week in and I've already missed a day. Oops! Oh well.

I meant to post a long update on the girls since they're 3 months old today, but it's not happening today. For about a week, neither girl has napped more than a half hour at a time. On a good day, they'll have one 2 hour nap, but it's often at different times. Today hasn't been a good day. I've had maybe an hour total since 6am where I haven't been holding a baby, and that was spent cleaning the kitchen (definitely overdue) and doing laundry. I'm on my 8th load, none of which has been put away. Oh, we did go to Target (again!) and both girls were very good (but awake) while there. That's been my break for the day.

Cora goes to the nursery tonight. Happy birthday Cora; as a present, you're getting kicked out!

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