Sunday, November 2, 2008

NaBloPoMo, Day 2

The time change didn't seem to affect us too badly. Emma only woke up once, at 3:45am (new time), so their 7am wakeup wasn't too bad. Besides, we forgot to change the clocks last night, so it was 8am for us!

The co-sleeper is getting to be too small for both girls to sleep in, so we've decided to move Cora to the crib in the nursery soon. She started sleeping for 6 hours at night at one month old, and has been sleeping 8-10 hours for over a month now, so it makes sense to move her to the crib and keep Emma in the co-sleeper for a while longer. We're going to have to go crib shopping soon since we only have Abby's old crib right now. If any of you have a crib that eventually converts to a full-size crib, buy the rails to convert it right away! Abby's convertible crib turned out to be a waste because I couldn't find the rails anywhere when we were ready to convert it about 3 years after we originally bought it. Her crib style was discontinued, so no one has the rails anymore.

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Waiting Amy said...

Oh I am so jealous that your girls are sleeping so well! I just saw that you're one of my followers, so wanted to pop over and say hello! Hello!

You're pics of the girls are lovely. I wish I could force myself to fine more time to do it!