Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day 6: Laundry Binge

It started innocently enough yesterday. The shirt I wanted to wear was dirty and the babies were running out of their thick fleece sleepers, so it was time to do some laundry. That ended up being 2 loads of our laundry (Damon, Abby, and me) and 3 loads of baby laundry. Then Cora spit up on my comforter while I was doing laundry, and I decided to wash the crib bedding that has been on the unused crib for 3 months. 2 more loads. Since I was washing that bedding, it was also time to wash the extra crib sheets so they're ready once Cora spits up in the crib. Finally, I decided it was time to purge the babies' 3-month clothes, and get out Abby's old 3-6 month clothes out of the garage. That, coupled with random items that didn't make it to the wash earlier or got spit-up on throughout the day, ended up being another 2 loads yesterday. And 2 more today! I have at least 2 more loads (towels and the rest of my bedding) to wash today, then I hope to never see laundry again. That's 13 loads of laundry in 2 days!

Damon jokingly accused me of trying to break our machines so I can get a front-load set.

While it's unusual for me to do this much laundry in one shot, I do end up with 4 or 5 loads when I do laundry. I know I should do a load or two a day, but some days are just too busy. And draining. I typically do laundry 2 or 3 times a week, but with 2 babies who spit up, not only on themselves but on whoever is holding them too, we go through a lot of clothes!

Those of you with twin babies, do you get rid of everything in one size when one has outgrown it, or do you mix sizes? Between Abby's old clothes, what we've received as gifts, and my obsessive shopping, the girls have a TON of clothes. I feel like they won't get to wear a lot of it if I don't move them both up at once. Cora tends to outgrow everything first since she's longer, but I typically wait until Emma starts outgrowing things to get rid of everything in their current size and move them both up. If I don't, then Cora ends up wearing clothes that are way too tight because we tend to keep everything but "going out" and bedtime clothes in some of these canvas bins in my room and in the basement. It's so much easier than having to go to their closet all the time when one (Cora) or both of them spit up or have a blow-out and need a new outfit. This also means that Emma ends up wearing clothes that are too big for her for a while.

I'm thrilled my friend, Kim, had her first girl two weeks ago. The timing is perfect because I've been able to give her the babies' outgrown clothes right when she could use the next size. I have 3 trash bags full of clothes to give her, and there's still one load in the dryer and one in the washer that's bound to have more. Sadly, I found some really cute 3-month outfits mixed in with Abby's 3-6 month stuff and a bunch of those thin receiving blankets we don't use anymore. I also found a bunch of clothes that were so stained I can't believe I kept them! Onesies and those snap shirts mostly. What was I thinking?


Layman Family said...

I am totally on board with you! Both Ethan and Kaeli were horrible spit up babies and it was embarassing to have others hold them because they ultimately got the wrath! Good luck, and I say put Cora in the next size up and Emma will eventually catch on. These days more and more twins I see are doing there "own thing". Good luck!

Heather said...

Brandi, I meant to comment on your supply issues. If you'd like to help boost your BM supply, try eating oatmeal for breakfast, drink lots and lots of water (not other beverages), and either try taking fenugreek or the Mother's Milk tea. I bought some at Whole Foods; it doesn't taste great, but it helps.

Brandi said...

Niki, I don't worry about dressing them alike all the time. As often as Cora spits up, they don't stay in matching outfits long anyway. My problem is that everything gets mixed up in the canvas bins, so Cora will inevitably end up in something way too small. Then, we'll have to go through the whole changing process again. That's why it's easiest just to get rid of everything in the smaller size at once, even if Emma ends up wearing clothes that are a little big still.

Thanks Heather. I didn't know about oatmeal. I bought some fenugreek this morning at Whole Foods. I took it with Abby, and it did help, but not by a whole lot. I was a noticeable increase, though. My only drawback was that I constantly smelled like maple syrup! I know I should definitely drink more water than I do.