Monday, January 12, 2009

Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are!

I just read that today is Delurking Day, a day for all or you who read but don't comment regularly to come out of lurkdom and leave a comment. I know you're out there, and I'd love to hear from you! I'm horrible about commenting on my favorite blogs; it can be a little scary to leave a comment on some stranger's blog, even if I've been reading their posts for a long time. Being on this side of the fence, however, I can say we bloggers really appreciate your comments! Your opinions and advice are always welcome!

To make it easier, I have a few questions. Feel free to answer any or all of them. Thanks for stopping by!

**Where are you from?
**How did you find my blog?
**Do you have children too?
**Do you have a blog yourself? I'd love to check it out!


mommy2twindaughters said...

Just delurking to say Hi! Oh, and to say I LOVE your blog.

I'm from Aiken, SC, originally from Charlotte, NC.

How did I find your blog? I'm not sure, I'm sure it was from a comment you made somewhere else. I think.

I have twin girls that are 2 years old.

I do have a blog, but I am very bad about updating it, either way its

Rachael said...

hi, my names is rachael. and i am a blog-a-holic. oh wait...wrong meeting. oops!

i am from illinois.
i have no idea how i found you.
i do have children, 4 of them. 3 are the same age.
i also have a blog. the link is in my profile.

although i know you know where i blog, just thought i would answer anyway! :)

chellekay said...

Where are you from? - Utah but I am currently living in California

How did you find my blog? - I can't remember (I am a true blonde at times)

Do you have children too? - 2 two year olds

Do you have a blog yourself? I'd love to check it out - yes

libbie said...

okay I'm lurker.

1:) I'm from Washington state
2:) I think we found each other on flickr.
3:) I have two kids
4:) As a matter of fact I do blog.

Anonymous said...

Mom told about it. When Abby was a new born. I follow it daily. I'm from Sioux Falls SD. My kids are Unspoken and Prayer. No we don't blog.

Robin said...

Hi Brandi!

**Where are you from? From? WI. I currently live in Indiana.
**How did you find my blog? Cubies Unite!
**Do you have children too? Not yet. Hopefully soon!
**Do you have a blog yourself? I'd love to check it out!

Meghan Justice said...

I am from Virginia Beach, Virginia!

I found your blog through a friend's blog roll.

Yes! I do! I have two little girls who are 2 and 3!

I do blog myself. I actually have two blogs one is my personal (the one my name links to) and the other is for my photography business. It is (I think! lmk if that doesn't work). I haven't updated my photog blog in over a month, but I am getting my website together now, so that is why I'm not giving you my website yet! lol The pics on there are definitely not my best work!

Anonymous said...

I'm from Sioux Falls, SD. I have been following your blog since Abby was born. Her Grandma made sure all of us could keep up to date. My "child" is Astro. I don't have my own blog but really enjoy yours!

Alissa said...

I'm Alissa from FL.

Not sure how I found yours, but have been blurking for a pretty long time.

I have a daughter, Ava, who will be 3 this month.

I like ginger ale, long walks on the beach, and smiling at strangers. And I have an odd sense of humor.

kristen said...

Love giving an receiving comments to meet new people so hi to you and anyone else who reads this. Please stop by my blog. PLEASE

Cheryl Lage said...

Not a lurker, but a regular reader. :) Happy Delurking Day!

Kellie said...

Hi there...

*I'm from California.

*I found your blog webbing my way through searches for parents of twins.

*I have a daughter (4 yrs), identical twin sons (2 yrs) and another baby girl on the way (due April 2009).

*I actually have an entire web site dedicated to parents and families who have or are expecting twins at:

Thanks for letting me post!

jaime said...

I'm a little late on this one :)

**I'm from Asheville, NC
**I don't remember how I found your blog, but it was probably linked on another blog I read. I found it interesting enough to bookmark!
**I don't have children (planning on it one day, but not yet)
**I do have a blog -

chellekay said...

tag you are it

check out my blog

freedomcome said...

i just stumbled across your blog today. I'm from minnesota. I found you through twitter. I do not have children, yet. i'm 18. I do have a blog

Mandy said...

*I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Now I'm living in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

*I don't have a clue. I jump from blog to blog to blog until I find one I like, and then add them to my Google Reader before jumping on.

*Nope. Hopefully I can persuade the boyfriend to marry me before that happens. Wait, did I say that out loud? Ooops. ;-)

*Yup, yup. And I'm happy to have a link to it on yours.