Monday, January 26, 2009

Quick Baby Update

The very early morning wakeups from Cora must've been tooth-related. After a few days, she's now back to waking up around 6:30-7. If that's the only teething issue we'll have, I'll take it! Emma's also back to waking up once a night, typically between 3-5, and going back to sleep until 7. This morning, Emma actually woke up first around 7:15! Emma still doesn't have any teeth, but Cora's two are about a third out. They still have a little ways to go.

Both girls are also on the verge of sitting up unassisted. They can sit with just a minimum of support now, and if we position them just right, they'll stay by themselves for a few seconds before falling. Cora LOVES it when we try sitting her on our bed and let her fall instead of catching her. That's one of her favorite games.

Both girls can roll both ways now. When they want to. They rarely do, but we've seen them both do it on occasion. Cora's also getting up on her elbows and knees and rocking already! It won't be long before she starts crawling. Scary! She's figured out how to work herself like a froggy to get a toy out of reach. She brings her arms and legs in under her, then "swims" out. The best way I can explain it is that she looks like a frog trying to move from one spot to the next. I'll have to dig out the video camera and film it.

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Cecilia said...

Hey Brandi! I just wanted to tell you that your girls are beautiful! Congratulations on all of their milestones! I had a meltdown last night because I have to go back to work soon. Fortunately my hubby is staying home with Lexi and Lyla but I'm jealous! He promised me that if one of them starts to crawl while I'm at work he'll hold them back until I get home!